Main ShapeNet tech report

Please cite the main tech report if you use ShapeNet in your research: ShapeNet: An Information-Rich 3D Model Repository (bib). This report provides annotation details and statistics.

  title       = {{ShapeNet: An Information-Rich 3D Model Repository}},
  author      = {Chang, Angel X. and Funkhouser, Thomas and Guibas, Leonidas and Hanrahan, Pat and Huang, Qixing and Li, Zimo and Savarese, Silvio and Savva, Manolis and Song, Shuran and Su, Hao and Xiao, Jianxiong and Yi, Li and Yu, Fisher},
  number      = {arXiv:1512.03012 [cs.GR]},
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If you use the ShapeNetSem dataset, please also cite the following publication:

Semantically-Enriched 3D Models for Common-sense Knowledge
Manolis Savva, Angel X. Chang, Pat Hanrahan
CVPR 2015 FPIC Workshop


Competitions and challenges

SHREC'16 Track Large-Scale 3D Shape Retrieval from ShapeNet Core55
Manolis Savva, Fisher Yu, Hao Su, Masaki Aono, Baoquan Chen, Daniel Cohen-Or, Weihong Deng, Hang Su, Song Bai, Xiang Bai, Noa Fish, Jiajie Han, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Erik G. Learned-Miller, Yangyan Li, Minghui Liao, Subhransu Maji, Atsushi Tatsuma, Yida Wang, Nanhai Zhang, Zhichao Zhou
Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval 2016


Other papers using or expanding ShapeNet

3D-Assisted Image Feature Synthesis for Novel Views of an Object
Hao Su*, Fan Wang*, Li Yi, Leonidas J. Guibas (* equal contribution)
ICCV 2015
Render for CNN: Viewpoint Estimation in Images Using CNNs Trained with Rendered 3D Model Views
Hao Su*, Charles R. Qi*, Yangyan Li, Leonidas J. Guibas (* equal contribution)
ICCV 2015
Joint Embeddings of Shapes and Images via CNN Image Purification
Yangyan Li*, Hao Su*, Charles R. Qi, Noa Fish, Daniel Cohen-Or, Leonidas J. Guibas (* joint first authors)
SIGGRAPH Asia 2015

If you use data or results associated with any of the above papers, please also cite them in addition to the main tech report. Please also let us know if you have a paper using ShapeNet that you would like us to list here.