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Potential bug in metric report

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Within https://shapenet.cs.stanford.edu/iccv17/partseg/part_seg_eva.m, which has been used for later analysis with PointNet++ , RelationShape for the best of my knowledge.

If there are no parts, then we get (0 + eps) / (0 + eps) = 1.

It augments the metric score, and some paper might just skip parts without any semantic labels, which makes more sense.

I am currently undergoing the re-implementation of all SOTA models on all datasets and that seem to be wrong to us: https://github.com/nicolas-chaulet/deeppointcloud-benchmarks

Could it be possible for anyone to review and contact me at thomas.chaton.ai@gmail.com
asked Jan 16, 2020 by tchaton (120 points)

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