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Is the website down by any chance?

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I'm gettting "There was an error when processing the search request
Error: error Not Found" for the past week pretty much.

Before that It was working fine for me.

Anyone else with the same problem?

Edit - Images back up now, all good

asked Jul 16, 2019 by zm1216 (160 points)
edited Jul 29, 2019 by zm1216
Also having this problem - been having it for about a week and a half with no luck. The SSL certificate has been expired for a while, but that hadn't seemed to indicate further problems until relatively recently. I need the images.

1 Answer

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i have same problem

did you figure out this problem?
answered Jul 23, 2019 by victor (160 points)
Well I think it has to do with the server that is hosting this website, so I think there is nothing we can do but wait as users.