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Metadata for ShapeNetCore v2?

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We have downloaded ShapeNetCore v2 several months ago. However, it contains no <synset_id>.csv files mentioned here: https://www.shapenet.org/download/shapenetcore 

How do we get these files for ShapeNetCore v2? E.g., where can we find the "get-metadata.sh" script mentioned?


asked Sep 28, 2018 by shumash (140 points)

1 Answer

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I found that the <synset_id>.csv is available in the v1 download, as well as the get-metadata.sh (which does not work anymore, 404) but the metadata is there. Although it does not seem to contain all the metadata e.g. the description.

If you have any more info please let me know, I am looking for the description of the models as well.

answered Nov 18, 2019 by dotkokott (220 points)
I've found that at least all of the annotations for ShapeNetCore v2 that are present in the taxonomy viewer can be downloaded via the solr search API : https://www.shapenet.org/api/doc/search