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Is http://shapenet.cs.stanford.edu/ down or busy?

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I'm trying to download the dataset v2 (http://shapenet.cs.stanford.edu/shapenet/obj-zip/ShapeNetCore.v2.zip) but different browsers say that "this site can’t be reached" (aka timeout error). Also, it doesn't matter if I try it via our university's internet or via eduroam wifi.

So, I guess the problem is on your side...

Can anyone confirm?
asked Sep 3 by PErler (240 points)
Have the same problem, cannot download any dataset ("This site can’t be reached") or any file under : Download ->  ShapeNetCore and ShapeNetSem section.
Tried different browsers and internet providers.
I have the same problem as well!

2 Answers

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looks like they brought it back online. can download it now...
answered Sep 6 by PErler (240 points)
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Yes. I am facing the same problem. It seems that the entire website is slow. I was trying to browse models using taxonomy-viewer, even that is terribly slow.
answered Sep 3 by gopalsharma (170 points)