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Is http://shapenet.cs.stanford.edu/ down or busy?

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I'm trying to download the dataset v2 (http://shapenet.cs.stanford.edu/shapenet/obj-zip/ShapeNetCore.v2.zip) but different browsers say that "this site can’t be reached" (aka timeout error). Also, it doesn't matter if I try it via our university's internet or via eduroam wifi.

So, I guess the problem is on your side...

Can anyone confirm?
asked Sep 3, 2018 by PErler (250 points)
Have the same problem, cannot download any dataset ("This site can’t be reached") or any file under : Download ->  ShapeNetCore and ShapeNetSem section.
Tried different browsers and internet providers.
I have the same problem as well!
I have the same problem to download models-screenshots.zip, it does not let me download any dataset from ShapeNetSem v0

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looks like they brought it back online. can download it now...
answered Sep 6, 2018 by PErler (250 points)
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Yes. I am facing the same problem. It seems that the entire website is slow. I was trying to browse models using taxonomy-viewer, even that is terribly slow.
answered Sep 3, 2018 by gopalsharma (170 points)
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Hey, yeah, having the same problem. Was able to download a couple of months ago but now it's down.
answered Sep 15, 2023 by tomas-aftalion (140 points)