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missing faces

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Hey guys,

I'm seeing missing faces when rendering many objects:

I've also seen errors pop up in Blender when loading some objects. Is this related, are many objects actually buggy and is this something that can be fixed, or is this likely a bug in our renderer?


asked Mar 29, 2018 by fgolemo (120 points)

1 Answer

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Can you provide more details of what subset of ShapeNet you are using (ShapeNetCore v1 vs ShapeNetCore v2 vs ShapeNetSem)?   Are you rendering from obj or kmz?   There shouldn't be issues with missing faces, but if you find some models with that problem, please let us know.
answered Apr 11, 2018 by angelx (720 points)
Hey there,

thanks for getting back to me. I'm using ShapeNetCore v2 and rendering from obj.
I'll find you some examples.
I have the same problem also with ShapeNetCore v2 and obj in Blender 2.79.The objects aren´t rendered fully and also the materials don´t cover every face.