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The model file 207e69af994efa9330714334794526d4 from synset 02958343 is missing

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I found that the model file 207e69af994efa9330714334794526d4 from synset 02958343 is missing in ShapeNetCore.v2


Actually several model files are missing. The corresponding model directories are empty.
asked Mar 1, 2018 by Peng (140 points)
edited Mar 1, 2018 by Peng

1 Answer

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Thanks for letting us know.  This is an known issues with ShapeNetCore v2.  We are currently working on preparing ShapeNetCore v2.1 that will address this.
answered Apr 11, 2018 by angelx (720 points)
I also found this issue, and I found 19 models are missing which are 02958343/8070747805908ae62a9eb0f146e94477 02958343/f5bac2b133a979c573397a92d1662ba5 02958343/e6c22be1a39c9b62fb403c87929e1167 02958343/d6ee8e0a0b392f98eb96598da750ef34 02958343/3ffeec4abd78c945c7c79bdb1d5fe365 02958343/2307b51ca7e4a03d30714334794526d4 02958343/407f2811c0fe4e9361c6c61410fc904b 02958343/7aa9619e89baaec6d9b8dfa78596b717 02958343/806d740ca8fad5c1473f10e6caaeca56 02958343/ea3f2971f1c125076c4384c3b17a86ea 02958343/4ddef66f32e1902d3448fdcb67fe08ff 02958343/986ed07c18a2e5592a9eb0f146e94477 02958343/302612708e86efea62d2c237bfbc22ca 02958343/9fb1d03b22ecac5835da01f298003d56 02958343/93ce8e230939dfc230714334794526d4 02958343/207e69af994efa9330714334794526d4 02958343/3c33f9f8edc558ce77aa0b62eed1492 02958343/5bf2d7c2167755a72a9eb0f146e94477 02958343/5973afc979049405f63ee8a34069b7c5