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Definition of match level

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In the link http://shapenet.cs.stanford.edu/shapenet/obj-zip/ShapeNetSem.v0/, there's this file categories.synset.csv, what's the definition of match level here? Thanks in advance!
asked Oct 20, 2017 by susovan (120 points)

1 Answer

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The matchLevel indicates how well the category was matched to a WordNet synset.

0 = good match (if a synset is given)

1 = matched to appropriate parent synset (e.g. AccentChair is matched with the appropriate chair synset)

2 = so-so match (category is matched to a related synset - e.g.CeilingLamp is matched with chandelier.  chandelier and CeilingLamp are related, but CeilingLamp is not a hyponym of chandelier)
answered Oct 22, 2017 by root (260 points)