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How to abtain 256^3 resolution binvox files as in Competition

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I was wondering if it was possible to download 256^3 resolution binvox files for objects in the ShapeNetCore, instead of the 128^3 resolution binvoxes currently available? I see there are binvoxes of this resolution available through the current competition, and I would like to be able download individual files at this resolution if it is possible.

Thank you
asked Aug 30, 2017 by EdwardSmtih1994 (170 points)

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We do not have precomputed binvox files at 256^3 resolution for the ShapeNetCore or ShapeNetSem public data releases.

You can generate such voxelizations using the binvox (http://www.patrickmin.com/binvox/) voxelization code using the following parameters:

binvox -aw -dc -pb (for solid voxelizations)

binvox -aw -dc -pb -ri (for surface-only voxelizations)

The currently distributed voxelizations (at 128^3 resolution) were computed at 256^3 and then downsampled to 128^3 by adding the -down argument to the two commands:

binvox -aw -dc -down -pb (for solid voxelizations)

binvox -aw -dc -down -pb -ri (for surface-only voxelizations)

If you use the viewvox code to view these voxelizations please note that it requires the -ki command line argument in order to visualize the solid voxelizations.

answered Nov 3, 2017 by root (300 points)
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