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Does anyone else find that the models load incorrectly in Blender?

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I've noticed that the .obj files in ShapeNet v2 don't load very well in Blender and other programs like MeshLab, but the Windows 3D Builder works just fine.

I've asked on Stack Overflow and apparently these models have 'bad topology'. Has anyone managed to fix this?

Solid view

Textured view

asked May 7, 2017 by cjxd (210 points)
Does anyone know if this is fixed in shapenet v2?

2 Answers

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I've experienced the same thing, and been told the same regarding the topology. Different rendering programs seem to handle them just fine, but Blender seems very particular about the topology.

I know I've seen people using (some incarnation) of this dataset with blender. I'm curious which data they used.

I was told to try using meshlab to fix the topology but haven't investigated that further.
answered May 25, 2017 by jjennings955 (150 points)
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Deactivate Auto Smooth in Properties > Data > Normals > Autosmooth for every mesh in blender and afterwards apply an edge split modifier for all meshes.

answered Sep 25, 2018 by SleepOnTree (180 points)