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How to voxelize the dataset with binvox (32**3 and 256**3)

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I want to voxelize with binvox the ShapeNetCore dataset to the resolutions 323 and 2563. I tried every parameter setting but I don't get the same voxelization as in the r2n2 dataset or even watertight voxels.

The known settings

binvox -aw -dc -down -down -down -pb

binvox -d 32 -cb -aw -dc -pb

are not working.

Does anyone have a clue or the real parameters?

Many thanks in advance and best regards :)

asked Feb 20 by m1ch437 (120 points)
edited Feb 20 by m1ch437

1 Answer

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Hello, I have tried it, and indeed, the parameter '-e' works. Hope this helps you.
answered Mar 30 by TgM (140 points)