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Can't download ShapeNetCore (version 2.0)

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Is this no longer available?
asked Aug 3, 2023 by mipa (230 points)
Facing the same issue! even with v1
Is the server down? I am also not able to download anything from Shapenet.
Same issue here.
Guess I'm not the only one experiencing this..

3 Answers

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Same issue here.
answered Aug 8, 2023 by jih189 (190 points)
I'm unable to access the data too. Has anyone found a solution yet?
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If anyone is looking for an alternative to shape net this seems to be a good dataset/resource:


answered Aug 23, 2023 by jbone (150 points)
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Thank you for your patience.  We have relocated the ShapeNet data to huggingface: https://huggingface.co/ShapeNet. You will need to have a huggingface account and request access from there (we will verify you if you have registered with the ShapeNet website).
answered Aug 23, 2023 by angelx (720 points)
Is ShapeNetCore in the page the version 2?