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Can I selectively get a certain category data??

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I am wondering if I can download just "chair" for example from ShapeNetCore or ShapeNetSem.

Please let me know.
asked Sep 18, 2020 by leesays92 (170 points)

1 Answer

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A bit late to the game here, but in case anyone else wonders how to do this, it's explained in the ReadMe.txt:

"Each zip file is named by the synset noun offset as an eight-digit zero padded string. For example, bench is contained within 02828884.zip since the WordNet synset offset for bench is 02828884 (you can browse WordNet 3.1 online)."

So, for example the "bottle" synset is "02876657", so changing the zip link above from "shapenet.cs.stanford.edu/shapenet/obj-zip/02828884.zip" to "shapenet.cs.stanford.edu/shapenet/obj-zip/02876657.zip" downloads a zip file including all bottles.

answered Apr 4, 2023 by annako (140 points)